Charlottesville After Action Report

There seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around about the events surrounding the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally. I would like to say exactly what happened from what all I could see as an attendee of this great and noble presentation of a united right wing army. From here the reader may draw their own conclusions, but I will say that none of this has been embellished to any extent.

August 12, 2017, C28 arrived north of the city at the Nationalist Front rally point around 0900. We enjoyed fellowship with the other organizations and individuals present until the set time and we all convoyed off towards Lee Park. All of us were upset that it seemed that within the last year we had lost so much of our heritage and culture by the leftist destroyers of history. We all agreed this would be a good time to put aside past differences and unite around preserving this particular statue of Robert E Lee.

Upon arriving at the parking garage, we began to form up into a mighty, impressive column I would estimate around 500-600 strong, give or take. As we marched towards the park, we were blocked by a mass of Antifa who began taunting us and threatening us, so we pushed through their midst and into the park where a larger mass of other right wingers were already demonstrating. Upon arriving in the park we found ourselves being bombarded with pepper spray, bottles filled with urine, used condoms, bottles filled with cement, smoke grenades, balloons of excrement and paint, rocks, and the occasional burst of fire from some homemade flamethrowers. All of ours who had shields formed a wall and defended the park.

The Antifa mustered enough courage to try to break through the shield wall a few times, but never succeeded. Scores of our wounded kept trickling to the rear of the park from the shield wall. Most had been maced, some had been hit with a bat or other cudgel, and a few had been scratched and cut. Nevertheless, we held the park and tried to avoid the torrent of incoming projectiles and fought only in the case of self-defense.

Around 1130, half an hour before our first scheduled speaker, the police formed up in riot gear to our rear and announced that we were an unlawful assembly and had to disperse or be arrested. They then began to slowly push thousands of us straight into the Antifa horde. Violence was inevitable at this point. Thousands of nationalists were now being forced by shield and baton straight into the midst of the communist mob.

Most of our ranks kept neatly filed as the Antifa began to fall back as we were pushed towards their front by the police. Instead of engaging in a blood bath we all began to march towards McIntire Park a few miles down the road. Upon arrival there we were informed, perhaps by misinformation, that the Guard and Police were en-route to arrest any of us at McIntire. Thus we broke up into smaller groups and began to disperse back towards our vehicles in attempt to evade the city.

At around 1500-1600 we had safely made it back to the rally spot north of the city and we began to debrief. On a very positive note, I would like to commend every right wing activist for their exemplary behavior, boldness, and perseverance against overwhelming odds when the Antifa and Police joined forces to clear us from the town. We literally had to fight to escape the carnage the Antifa and police had unleashed on the city.

We damaged no property, we hurt no one who had not attempted to physically harm us first, no businesses were burned, no random locals were attacked, and despite the confusion of attending such a rally with twenty plus different leaders giving differing directions and orders, we were all able to escape the city. The only exception was the poor guy who was spotted in his car and attacked by bat wielding Antifa.  After taking a few blows to his car he panicked and pushed the gas and rear ended another car. Then as the hippy horde began smashing his windows out he reversed and ended up killing one of his assailants.

These leftist demonstrators came looking to cover us in urine, glitter, paint and our own blood. The fact that only a few deaths are attributed to this whole event is a miracle. In a nutshell, the united right wing army showed up to protest the removal of the Robert E Lee statue, we were assaulted from the outset, we defended ourselves and our position until the Police and Antifa joined forces and began to purge us from the city.

The mainstream narrative that we came to run folks over with cars, assault all who disagreed with us, and create a riot is simply not true. But these media moguls are in league with the Left and are in a frenzy to aide in the complete decimation of all Traditionalists and Western Civilization. Once the White man can be whipped into submission and all his history and ancestors can be dug up and burned, then the Left will have victory and begin to usher in a New World Order.

We will stand up again and again and again for this Cause. If we lose then there will be no tomorrow for our children. They will be forced to endure and accept transsexuals, pedophiles, alien cultures, and strange religions; that is simply not acceptable. To all my fellow nationalists fighting the good fight against the relentless forces of Evil: stay true to the Cause and Godspeed to Victory!

Hoosier Headhunters Indy Eleven Soccer Demo (After Action Report)

Concerning the events of July 15th, Michael Carroll Stadium, the Indy 11 soccer game against the Jacksonville Armada.

In a joint effort between Confederate Blood and Honor (C28) and the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP) what was dubbed, “Operation Brickyard” went into effect. The goals I had in mind were this:

1. To see how many people can be mobilized to the Indianapolis Metro area given a 1 month’s notice.

2. To lay the foundation to start a right-wing Firm called, “Hoosier Headhunters.”

3. To see how the Anti-Fascists (Antifa) would respond to a spontaneous right-wing event.

4. To engage in a psychological tactic of giving a show of force to Antifa and grab media attention, i.e. “We’re not afraid to meet Antifa wherever they are at, we are in Indiana, we are active.”

We all arrived at the rendezvous point between 3 and 4pm. There we grew to be about 15 of us. We distributed fliers and stickers around the campus around 3:30pm. When more activists started showing we all met back at Lot D to begin going over expectations and tactics of what was to occur at the game.

It was decided that no signs, banners, chants, salutes, or flags would be displayed until at least the second half of the game. The idea being that security would let its guard down, we could mingle with the crowd, and piece together where the most resistant would come from.

As we were all going through the main entrance to the game, we were told that we could not display or flags and banners, even though Antifa and the sodomites were displaying theirs. I had everyone put their paraphernalia back in the vehicles and we were able to enter the venue with no problem.

We did sit at the top of the bleachers but it was decided by me and another that we would sit next to the Antifa. The entire time, even when we were at the concessions, we were being recorded by Antifa. They encircled us the entire time with their phones out.

We moved down the seats by Antifa and nothing really was going wrong. Antifa was being Antifa and displaying their anti-white flags and banners. I told my comrades not to do anything until my mark as we all agreed earlier. However two skinheads did start saluting and chanting too early and 30 police and security forces descended on us and escorted us out.

On our way out the national anthem started playing, this was right at 6:30 pm. We all stopped and we all did the Roman salute through the whole anthem. The security guards took our pictures and got some of our I.D.s while recording us the whole time. The whole event was over in about 30 minutes.

It went off half cocked. I will take full responsibility for this. I believe in the Leadership principal as all proper National Socialists do. If you’re guys are not doing what they are supposed too, that is on you. I couldn’t reign in a couple of skinheads and it cost us the demo. It was not a total failure as our presence will be burned in the back of Antifa’s head. We proved that at least 10-15 men can be mobilized in the Indianapolis region and I have faith that with better planning and preparation we can do even better in the future, if not at a soccer game then at any other demo.

I personally apologize to all of ya’ll that did not get a refund for your ticket, and I give my deepest and most sincere apologies to those who flew out and quit their jobs to be there. This was a dry run but we did make our presence known which is victory enough in my book for now.

We proved that the deck is stacked against us in both the public and private sector. The police would not allow us to do a flash demo on the campus, the campus would not let us exercise our free speech. Such is the fate of a Nationalist.

Legal action will not be taken, it is simply not worth the time and the effort. We would not win a court hearing, they would literally say we beat up some poor college yuppie prat. We will return in one way or another. We have dox on all of Indy11’s Antifa leadership. We know their names, though they don’t know ours.

Legal action will also not be taken with the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville coming up, as that is more important, and all local projects must be put on hold for it.

Again, my sincerest apologies to you, my dear comrades who gave up a lot to be there. This is not over. I hope at the very least this event has fostered a new sense of brotherhood and fellowship. We can’t win all the battles, and perhaps it is better we lost this as opposed to the upcoming event on August 12th.

I promise you all, my brothers, the next demonstration will be better, and we will win more there than we did here, the fact 15 of us showed up should be inspirational to us all, 10 years ago this would have been impossible.

The Hoosier Headhunters, Traditionalist Workers Party, and Confederate Blood and Honor, are not defeated. We will win!

Hail Victory!


White Activists Meet in East Tennessee

I had the privilege of attending a meeting of 43 White Nationalists, in the greater Chattanooga area, this past Saturday. The meeting was organized by TradWorker, and had several other groups in attendance. Confederate 28 had the honor of being counted among those groups.

There were many excellent speeches given, and many amazing projects discussed. I spoke about the Confederation of Volkisch Fight Clubs, which led to plans being made on us training with guys in, both, the greater Chattanooga, TN area and Western North Carolina. We looks forward to training with fellow activists, in these areas, as well as helping with the various other projects that were discussed.

Out of the 43 people at the meeting, around 80% were local to this area of Appalachia (TN, Northeast AL, and Western NC). It was great to see so many new faces, as well as some old ones. We look forward to continuing the comradely that was formed, with these people, on such an amazing day.

We want to give a special thanks to TradWorker and Matt Heimbach, for organizing this superb meeting. This meeting was one of the most productive I have attended, in East TN, in years. We look forward to continue building a strong friendship with this amazing group of activists.

(The picture shown is the “after-party”, and only shows less than half of the people who were at the meeting).

The ShieldWall Network Joins the Confederate 28 Coalition

We are very pleased to announce that the ShieldWall Network  has joined our Confederation.

Billy Roper has been a longtime friend of ours, and he held a chair on our old Blood and Honour AD National Council. We look forward to collaborating with the ShieldWall Network, and befitting  from the expertise and decades of experience that Billy and other of their members have.


What is The ShieldWall Network?

by Billy RoperWhether you are a member of a patriotic organization, or independent, we invite you to take part in this locally-focused, grassroots endeavor. No membership fees or dues are required, but a commitment is needed. Become a part of a ShieldWall in your area. Think racially, take a stand locally.

The ShieldWall began in classical Greek civilization, when the courageous Spartans and other Greek warriors, such as Leonidas and his 300 at Thermopylae, linked their shields together against the invaders. It is in honor of them that the Spartan lambda shield is the symbol of The ShieldWall Network. Later, the brave Roman legions emulated the Greek ShieldWall with their ‘tortoise’. For our northern European ancestors, one of the most effective defensive tactics employed was the ShieldWall. Vikings, Angles, and Saxons alike, as well as kindred tribes, often stood shoulder to shoulder, side by side, with the rims of their shields overlapping. In a ShieldWall, every man is responsible for protecting the man to his left with their shield, held in their left hand, covering their neighbor on that side, and attacking the enemy with their right hand spear. To that end all members of the shield wall are equally reliant and dependent on one another. If one fails to do his duty, his neighbors suffer for it, first. If the ShieldWall is broken, then the enemy can penetrate the defensive lines and wreak havoc among those the ShieldWall defends. Thus, trust and loyalty are important traits for warriors in the ShieldWall.

The kind of grassroots, community level networking we want to promote for each member of The Shieldwall Network requires a similar level of mutual trust and dependence. Contrary to the lone wolf mentality, we are not hermits or individualists, nor do we see that escape from the reality our people face as a solution to the problems threatening us now, and in the future. However, in many of our communities, we may well have to begin grassroots level organizing and networking on our own. Each of us, then, becoming persons of influence in our communities, can strengthen the ShieldWall as a whole, by eventually bringing more people into it.

How you can expand The ShieldWall Network:

We all have the ability, opportunity, and responsibility to serve as leaders and spokespersons in our communities, using the radical flank effect to shift the Overton Window of acceptable discussion to the right among our peers and friends. That will reinforce, embolden, and encourage them to speak more boldly and forthrightly the things which are ‘politically incorrect’, perhaps, but nonetheless commonly held, unspoken beliefs. At the same time, we can encourage people to prepare themselves psychologically and materially for what is coming. In this way, we can each become persons of influence in our community.

If what many believe is coming arrives, the number of people whom you can trust to stand beside you manning a roadblock barricade to defend your neighborhood will be more important than how many likes you can get on Fakebook, or followers on Tweeter. White America needs grassroots networking, from the ground up. Everyone reading this knows someone they can talk to about our future. Politically, with the nation more polarized and divided than at any time in our lives, now is the perfect time to seek that opening. If you’d like to become a person of influence in your community, and build your own local ShieldWall network, we’d like to tell you how.

Challenge One: Locate meeting places for like-minded people near you: gun shops, shooting ranges, local and County Republican parties, Veteran’s organizations, and Tea Party groups can be cherry-picked for those who are of similar values, and amenable to radicalization.

Challenge Two: Get involved in local community groups, volunteerism, and social events. Become known and accepted as an insider. Attend city council meetings, school board meetings, or any other local civic events, (4H, etc.) especially if you have children. Get to know your local and County police, as many in law enforcement share our values, and may be very useful in the future. Even those who do not, and will not, are still better known, than unknown. The same is true for local elected officials, of course. Remember, we are co-opting them, they are not co-opting us.

Challenge Three: Get to know your neighbors, starting with those closest to you. Be friendly, pick up trash alongside the shared road, invite them over for a barbecue, have play dates between their children and yours, or give them your number to call if there’s anything suspicious going on in the neighborhood that you need to take a united stand on. Make a point to touch base with them regularly. Earn their trust, for future influence.

Challenge Four: Begin feeling them all out for potential radicalization and usefulness as a part of The ShieldWall Network. What resources or skills do they have? What experiences, such as job or military, do they bring to the table? How far along the path can they be brought towards us, ideologically?

Challenge Five: Coordinate with other members of The ShieldWall Network, comparing the available resources and areas of expertise which you’ve located and accessed. Develop a list of desired resources and skill sets which are still lacking in the network, and work to develop a plan to actively seek out and recruit new individuals with those specific assets.

We will be physically meeting once every two months, to share our challenge results and progress. That means that, just as in the shield walls formed by our ancestors, we will all be accountable to one another for working on the network. At those subsequent meetings we will offer advice, assistance, and encouragement, as needed, to one another, as well as share ideas and inspiration. This will help maintain everyone’s focus and direction. Those who are unable to attend, despite their best efforts, should be in communication with the network through e-mail, to achieve the same effect. This will always be a group-driven and guided project, whether face to face or online, whether you are working alone, or as a part of our network. Do not let the shield wall down. Stand with it, and it will stand with you.

For more information on how to start a ShieldWall Network in your area, e-mail

Confederate 28 Joins Fellow Patriots in Gettysburg

On Saturday, July 1st, 2017, almost 400 patriots rallied in Gettysburg to demonstrate their disgust with the domestic terrorist and anti-1st Amendment organization known as ‘Antifa’. Despite threats on their part to come to the battlefield and burn American and Confederate flags, and then proceed to the section of the park devoted to Confederate monuments to deface them, no Antifa in fact showed up at all anywhere in the park or the town of Gettysburg.

Standing in opposition to their planned assault on Americans with both Unionist and Confederate lineage were the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry (a member-biker club), as well as numerous other representatives from other biker clubs. Also, standing out prominently were members of various militias and 2nd Amendment advocacy organizations. Nationalists were also well represented from several Pennsylvania area crews, as well as over a dozen independent Skinheads. Confederate 28 was proud to have several members present at this rally as well.

In the end, the rally almost seemed anti-climatic due to the failure of Antifa to materialize and follow through with their disgraceful threats to deface monuments and disrespect the soldiers that honorably fought and died there from July 1 through July 3, 1863. However, it is with little doubt that their decision to refrain from following through with these plans was due mainly to concern with the presence of a large body of American patriots who were well-prepared to stymie their disrespectful and illegal efforts, using whatever force necessary to defend this sacred land and its monuments.

Confederate 28 Protests Knoxville Pride Parade

In the month of June, members of Confederate 28 protested homosexual pride parades in Knoxville, TN and Cincinnati, OH.

In Knoxville, the sodomites resorted to their usual tactics of attempting to disprove us with their “love”, which amounts to little more than psychotic screaming and calling us the worst names one could think of (in front of children, no less). Our members refused to be intimidated.

We protested the parade, as it rolled past, then walked through thousands of queers and their supporters, following the parade to their rally point. Upon arrival, we posted at the entrance to their festival, which caused a huge traffic jam for the attendees, because so many of them were gathering around us and some fellow Christians who protested with us last year. After most of the attendees made their way through the gates, we shook hands with the Christian protesters, and made arrangements to join each other at other rallies.

It was a very worthwhile 3-4 hours, as it showed Knoxville that not everyone in our great Southern city is a deviant. The news made a brief mention of our stand; although, not near as thorough as last year’s report. We will continue to protest this spectacle of deviancy.

We pray that more conservative Southrons will continue to join our defense of Southern culture and morality. We cannot fear the terror tactics of the Left. If our folk refuse to raise their voice, the sodomites will only continue to grow stronger. Our ancestors were ready to die for their beliefs, while our generation huddle in their homes, over fear of being labeled a “hater”. We must be men and take to the street. We must abandon fear and laziness. We must preserve our heritage. If not you, then who? Deo Vindice!

“Truly, this vice is never to be compared with any other vice because it surpasses the enormity of all vices.… It defiles everything, stains everything, pollutes everything. And as for itself, it permits nothing pure, nothing clean, nothing other than filth.…” – Saint Peter Damian